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Cement masons are responsible for all concrete construction, including pouring and finishing of slabs, steps, wall tops, curbs and gutters, sidewalks, paving and other concrete construction. They handle terrazzo, magnesite, epoxy, polymer and other plastic materials for topping repair and injection. Cement masons are responsible for all preparation and repairing of concrete. They also set forms and pins for slabs, steps, curbs and gutters, and paving.


Northwest College of Construction

Region Covered
Step 1: Verify Eligibility

Required Qualifications
  • 18 years of age
  • Must pass drug screening test
  • May be required to possess valid driver’s license
Step 2: Apply
  • Apply at Training Facility during posted openings
      * Veterans
    may be able to apply at any time
  • Provide copy of DD-214, proof of education and age, and any supporting documents including work history and certifications
  • Complete Orientation and Safety Training
  • Complete interview with training committee
Applicant Pool
  • Placed in pool of eligible applicants
  • Ranked based on interview, experience, and training
  • Offered employment based on rank order
Step 3: Start with local 72
  • 6,000 hours / 3 years on-the-job training
  • Minimum of 144 hours of education each year through Training Facility
  • Start at 55% of current journeyperson’s rate.
  • Gain 5-10% pay increase after every 1,000 hours of on-the-job training (approx. 6 months) plus required schooling.
  • Full 100% journeyperson’s pay after completing the program.
Starting Hourly Pay:
$13.75 + Benefits + Optional Housing Allowance
Housing allowance can be found using the GI Bill® Comparison Tool


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Local 72 – Spokane, WA
Local 478 – Richland, WA

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Local 528
Local 555

Calculate Starting Pay With GI Bill ®

Estimated Wage Calculator

All calculations based on a 160 hours/month work schedule.

*Contact union local for updated wage information.

GI Bill Usage Breakdown:
100% – 1-6 months
80% – 6-12 months
60% – 12-18 months
40% – 18-24 months
20% – 24-30 months
*Usage Optional
Eligible veterans in an approved Apprenticeship Program can use their GI Bill® benefit and receive a tax-free stipend on a monthly basis. The Post 9/11 GI Bill® stipend is the equivalent of the Monthly Housing Allowance (MHA) of an E-5 with dependents (based on the zip code of the training facility) which is paid addition to normal wages. Refer to the chart below to understand how Post 9/11 GI Bill® benefits are paid, or consult the VA website www.benefits.va.gov/gibill (Link) to see how other VA chapters are paid for Apprenticeship Training.