Think before you post!

STEM In the last 10 years, employer use of social media to screen potential employees has increased 500%. Career Builder shared in their annual survey report this and many other statistics that show the potential positive and negative impact of your social media on your employment status. The internet…

And the WINNER is….

STEM There has been an on-going, all out war between Liberal Arts studies and what’s now known as STEM degrees for decades. The most recent battles have clearly been edging STEM to victory. Or have they….

Top Industry – Top Pay – Get on Board!

Maritime Industry-1Washington’s Maritime industry is big business – $30 billion worth of business! That’s 57,000 jobs that pay an average yearly salary of $70,800 with only 5% requiring a 4 year degree. Learn how to Get on Board here…

How far will you go?

Tom Hanks on community college

• Tom Hanks•_ speaking on his Community College experience
Tom Hanks went from Bosom Buddy to movie screen hero – but just like the rest of us he had to start somewhere – in his case he started at Chabot College – a two year school in California. Read more…

Begin With the End in Mind…

When you plan a vacation – you think about what that vacation is going to look like and plan and pack accordingly. This same procedure can be applied towards our career plans. By beginning with the end in mind, we can maximize the chances of our career being as successful as possible.

What if I said that your new job could find you?

Did you knowNETWORKING is far and away the #1 source of a job – and, therefore, the number one place to focus your attention and energy. Learn the WHAT, WHY, and HOW of building your unique network to get the word out and let people know that you are looking and your new job just might find you!