Welcome to VIE 25!

VIE 25 is a joint project under direction of the governor’s office between the State Board of Community and Technical colleges and the Garrison Command to support pathways to employment for transitioning service members. The schools within 25 miles of a military installation are asked to identify their already existing programs in which the first employable certificate can be completed within 6 months. Service members can then get permission from their commander and apply for an MOA to complete classes during the duty day in the 6 months prior to their ETS date. Click here for more in-depth details.
No. These are already existing programs at the school that have been identified to fit the VIE 25 parameters of employability within 6 months with the best opportunity for long term career growth in the future.
All traditional funding is available including TA (for courses completed before separation), GI Bill, FAFSA, Worker Retraining, etc. Three resources for determining what’s available to you:

1. Explore what resources you qualify for at: startnextquarter.org
2. Visit one of your installation’s education center counselors
3. Talk to your school’s financial aid office to explore all your options.

  • Click on the school logos below to an overview map of the programs offered at each school. Each program name then links to an individual program map with more detailed information.
  •  Visit the Veteran’s office of the school with the program you are interested in and let them know you want to sign up for VIE 25.
  • Contact the POC for your school.

If you are at JBLM:

  • An overview of the VIE 25 program is given at the CSP brief at Hawk Transition Center every Monday at 1200.  A representative will be available for questions after the brief at the VIE 25 table.
  • Visit the offices of our partner Camo2Commerce on the second floor of the Hawk Transition center to get information on VIE 25 and other transition resources. 
  • Make an appointment with a counselor at the Stone Education Center

Make an appointment with a counselor at the Stone Education Center  to arrange an MOA for the program of your choice and talk to the school on how to enroll in classes.

Navy Base Kitsap

Contact the Military Education and Veterans Services

 Currently, the schools near JBLM and Naval Base Kitsap have identified their qualifying programs.  Expansion to other Washington installations is expected in the future.

Click on a school for more information:

JBLM Schools:

  • Tacoma Community College
  • Pierce College
  • South Puget Sound College
  • Highline College
  • Green River College
  • Clover Park Technical College
  • Bates Technical College

Naval Base Kitsap Schools:

  • Olympic College