REPORT: 83,000 Washingtonians Work in Clean Energy; Clean energy industry now bigger employer than #Boeing $BA, #Microsoft $MSFT, #Amazon $AMZN

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SEATTLE – October 11, 2018 ( Newswire) Nearly 83,000 Washington state residents now work in clean energy, putting the state in the Top 10 in the country for renewable energy employment and making it one of the biggest in the country for energy efficiency jobs.

According to a new report from the national nonpartisan business group E2…More

Commentary: Getting students from classroom to workforce

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Sharpen the pencils, break out the Bunsen burners, and practice those critical thinking skills. School is back in session. With students having said goodbye to summer and already in classrooms, we want them to know their learning can connect them to many great opportunities that await in Washington state. More…

Can the Northwest compete in the coming space race?

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The Puget Sound region is experiencing a literal “get in on the ground floor” moment as the space economy begins to warm up, and is expected to take off very soon. A study from the Puget Sound Regional Council concludes that “Washington state and the central Puget Sound region are positioned to lead commercial space exploration and development.” The next space race may very well be a regional competition as cities and states compete to become a hub for the space economy. More…

America’s Best and Worst Colleges for Vocational Certificates

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Earlier this year, Donald Trump said this to a group of Republican lawmakers: “Today you have community colleges and you have all of the—when I was growing up we had vocational schools . . . You learn mechanical, you learn bricklaying and carpentry and all of these things. We don’t have that very much anymore. More…