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Participant Testimonials:

“As part of the Guided Pathways initiative, we are in the process of creating career roadmaps for all programs at our college. The WACAPA tool creates visually appealing, easy-to-read maps that guide students through certificates/degrees and associated careers. In the past, we attempted to create career maps on our own but the initiative stalled because of the manual workload required. Christina has been very helpful in guiding us through the creation of the templates and finalization of the maps. We would not have gotten the maps completed without the web tool and Christina’s support.”
Vicki Chew, M.A., M.A.Ed., Associate Dean of Instruction, Lake Washington Institute of Technology

“The Roadmaps that Christina DuWors and the Washington Career Pathways made for the CTE Department in the Kent School District, have been amazing. Individual Pathways are quickly becoming very popular in education, and the maps that we now have, put Kent on the leading edge. Our district has received several kudos on our maps, and even more requests for how the maps were created.
Our pathway maps allow KSD students to visualize the options they can pursue at their school, and also the peripheral information, which I believe is equally important (associated clubs, certifications available, job prospects, online courses).
The pathway maps created by Washington Career Pathways have become a key feature of our Career and Technical Education website.”
Brian Reckling, CTE Specialist, Kent School District

“I use the Washington Career Pathways Web Tool almost daily in my advising sessions with students. This is an invaluable tool that helps students gain a clear picture for their future which motivates them to do their best work in school. I also send the link to potential students who contact me about our degree program. It is a concise and accessible visual tool that students can quickly understand and use on their own.”
Leigh Rooney, Assistant Professor / Program Coordinator of Digital Design, Pierce College

“The development of the WA Career Pathways Web Tool has been instrumental in working toward Vancouver Public School’s Career and Technical Education’s mission and vision. The maps are being utilized on our web page and serve as a clear and captivating tool for our students to explore and navigate their high school planning as well as post-secondary options.”
Kristin Ribelin, Business and Marketing Education Teacher, Career Specialist/Work Based Learning Coordinator, Vancouver Public Schools

Developing program roadmaps through the Washington Career Pathways tool helped us get a birds eye view of our program pathways, identify gaps, and relay that information to students. Our navigators and advisors use the roadmaps frequently with students to identify their next academic steps. We have also recently begun
extending our roadmaps to include basic and transitional studies courses, community trainings, high school dual credit programs and other onramps.
Anna Baldwin, Dir., Workforce Projects, Seattle Colleges